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Video convertion problem ....

Well, I faced a very paradox problem lately.
I'm using i7 laptop with 1TB SSD and tried to convert sequences of multiple long videos to one and only video file, about 130 mp4 files to one mpeg-1 file using Nero Video.
Source and destination were on the same SSD disk. Conversion started quit fast (as expected for SSD) but in time speed process decelerated in a point I would had to wait days to finish if not decelerated any further.
I stop and tried to change output file video format. Tried many parameters, different encoders etc. Same problem. I checked my free space and this was not the problem. SSD is almost brand new and works like charm.
Finally, i tried to change the location of my output file to my external USB HDD.
No problem ! Worked as expected !!
Why ? Any ideas ?
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